Surfing in Nosara Beach

Terratour Nosara offers the most recommended quick and safe private transportation services and Costa Rica shuttles to Nosara Beach.

When you get to your Nosara Beach hotel, you will want to explore every corner of the district and live the wildest adventures you can.

To help you achieve that goal, Terratour Nosara provides to you everything you need to know about the best activity to do when you get to Nosara, Costa Rica in your Liberia airport transfer: Surfing.

Why to surf in Nosara Beach

Surfing in Nosara Costa Rica is a very fun activity to do once you arrive to Nosara Beach. Sliding through the waves in a natural environment will benefit your wellbeing since it boosts your emotions and adrenaline.

All the best hotels in Nosara Costa Rica, to which we provide Liberia airport shuttle services, will allow you to have an easy access to the beaches so you can live this thrilling experience.

Surfing in Nosara Costa Rica is an activity that you want to include in you Costa Rica adventure tours.

Surfing in Nosara Beach

It makes our body release endorphins and hormones that reduce stress and anxiety and lead us to a path of health and happiness.

Besides, another huge benefit is that it’s a water sport that is practiced in the sea. The sea profits the body and the mind immensely, especially the waters of Costa Rica’s Nosara.

Walking against the effect of the waves striking by the shore will make sure that the bones and articulations of your body grow strong. This is only one of the many positive aspects of surfing in Nosara Costa Rica.

Besides, the cold water contributes to enhance the blood circulation and the salt of the sea helps restoring the natural barrier of the skin and allows it to be soft, protected and firm.

Where to surf in Nosara Beach

Wanting to surf in Nosara Beach is basically unavoidable. The “let’s have fun” vibe of the surfers is very contagious, and there’s more than a dozen of surfing schools in the city, so it’s easy to give it a try,

The wide, sandy and not to deep beach of Playa Guiones is a great place to practice this wonderful activity, and Terratour Nosara has the best private transportation services to make it happen.

The biggest waves are exclusive for advanced surfers, and the ones that are closer to the shore are perfect for beginners. Don’t miss the opportunity of surfing in Nosara, Costa Rica.

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Surfing in Nosara Beach
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