Why taking a Yoga Retreat in Nosara, Costa Rica

Nosara Beach is without a doubt one of Costa Rica’s most important cities when it comes to tourism.

To make things easier for you, Terratour Nosara is here to help you schedule a Costa Rica airport transportation so you can get to wherever you want in this place.

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Even though it’s true that there are a lot of things to do in Nosara, Costa Rica, one of the most characteristic activities of Nosara Beach is definitely yoga.

This is why it’s extremely relevant to have a little bit of knowledge about the relevance of yoga in Costa Rica’s Nosara city before booking your Liberia airport shuttle service.

History of Yoga in Nosara Beach

While looking up for information about Nosara Beach on the internet, it’s impossible to miss the hundreds of references to the yoga activities that take place in this city.

The beaches of the Peninsula of Nicoya started to be well known by tourists by the decade of the 70s. During this period of time, Don and Amba Stapleton where looking for a quiet and healthy lifestyle, so they decided to move to Nosara.

Why taking a Yoga Retreat in Nosara, Costa Rica

This couple discovered a beautiful area in Playa Guiones, to which you can get to with our Liberia to Nosara shuttles. In this place, they decided to found their own yoga retreat in Nosara, Costa Rica: the Nosara Yoga Institute.

The wonderful teaching center is what began to give Costa Rica’s Nosara Beach the name of the best international Yoga destination, which is still the case up to date.

Relevance of yoga in Nosara Beach nowadays

Yoga fans travel from all around the globe to attend the amazing yoga classes and yoga teaching lessons in this Costa Rican city, to which you can arrive in the fastest way possible with our transportation from Liberia airport to Nosara Beach.

The enthusiasm for yoga in this area is unbelievable. Some say that the Yoga Retreats in Nosara Costa Rica are responsible for the long lives of the majority of Nosara Beach’s population, that tend to surpass one hundred years of age.

Since it’s such a key place to yoga, you don’t want to miss a Liberia airport transfer to Nosara Beach using the best Costa Rica transportation company, Terratour Nosara.

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